Helix Aspersa

Helix Aspera


Helix Aspera is the most well-known land snail for domestic consumption and is marketed throughout the world. In France it is called “petit gris” or “escargot”.

Helix Aspera has a fine, creamy texture that is agreeable to the palate. Its meat is firm, lean and has a fruity flavour which is fairly consistent and delicate depending on the species.

Its viscera is a delicacy that far surpasses that of other snail species. Consumers should not be put off by its dark colour, as this is simply a result of the type of food the snail has ingested and its place of origin.

These snails are sold fresh, frozen, bottled or canned. They can be cooked (and served with garlic mayonnaise like in Majorca), grilled (a cooking method known as 'a la llauna' in Catalonia) or sautéed.

Hélix de Córdoba prepares Helix Aspera (and all of the snails the company processes) using only the freshest of snails that have been fasted for 5 to 8 days to maintain their muscle mass and ensure that the snail has been fully purged.

We do not use cleansing liquids in our production process in order to maintain the snail’s unique flavour.

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