Theba Pisana

Theba Pisana


The Theba Pisana, or simply the “little snail” as it is known in lower Spain, is generally eaten in the south of Spain and Portugal. It is a small snail found in humid areas and is also known as the “dune snail”.

Theba Pisana has an exquisite taste. Species from olive and orange trees are highly appreciated for their fresh, full and fruity flavour.

In Cordoba, Spain it is a popular tradition to set up outdoor stands from March to June where people go solely to eat snails.

In the rainy season, Theba Pisan lays its eggs in the soil. The eggs are spherical and white in colour and their development depends on the soil humidity. While some may take about a year to reach full maturity in very wet areas, it could take others twice as long to mature in dry areas. The adults can live for about two years.

 In summer they gather in groups on walls, posts or dry plants. They stop feeding, seal their shell opening with a calcareous membrane and estivate or become dormant.  


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